One of the strength of SEBLOD is its flexibility, thanks to its unique design and its plug-in system, but of course SEBLOD Core package is shipped with many built-in features. This demonstration section will highlight a few of them. (alphabetical order)

Caching is not a key feature, but it can be useful in some high-level use cases. It can applied on any List.
Note: Joomla! cache system can remain disabled, as these 2 caching systems are not related.

Persistent Search
By default search filters retrieve their value from the URL, and so each of them will keep it as long as it stays there. With Persistent Filters their latest value is stored in the user session allowing him to navigate anywhere else on the site, and continue where he left off after returning.

Resource as fragment
Most of the time, a content link brings the end-user to a content/full page, but sometime it may be better to open the content view within a Modal Box. With "Resource as fragment" enabled, it will also allow the content view to open automatically while using the #fragment (or hash) URL.

SEO - List & Search
As search filters appear in List & Search URLs, search engines may index an infinite number of List pages.
A specific parameter (Global Config. or per List) allowing 3 different setups will apply a Canonical URL to prevent this.

SEO - Routing
The SEBLOD Router is highly configurable, allowing various routing setup (with one or more dynamic segments) across or within Apps. It is mainly controlled via Lists (or Menu Items), and can be applied to any Field.
Note: Joomla! URL routing "Legacy" is the only mode currently supported by SEBLOD.