SEBLOD - Advanced Content Construction Kit & Web Application Builder

This demonstration site is mostly about SEBLOD Products (add-ons, plug-ins, templates..) but of course it will also showcase the features & flexibility of SEBLOD itself. All the pages are powered by SEBLOD & SEBLOD Products. There is no other 3rd party extension.

All the pages are built exclusively using the back-end of Joomla!

  • It's all about user-interface, clicks, drag & drop.
  • It means no coding skills are required.
  • It means no custom CSS, all is out-of-the-box.

The demo is built with 3 content types and 3 different objects:

You will see that:

  • Any item of any kind has its own custom fields.
  • Any item of any kind can be displayed with any List template.
  • Any item of any kind can be filtered by any custom fields.

Note that, these pages are just basic examples, of course you can:

  • add as many custom fields as you need
  • create your own custom templates
  • develop your own plug-ins of any kind

in order to build complex web applications.

YES, SEBLOD + its ecosystem give you limitless possibilities.